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Take a Hike | Nature Photography

It seems that some type of physical exercise is always my go-to whenever there's a big change happening in my life. Being a recent empty nester, hiking is my new obsession that I find both challenging and fulfilling. 
Hiking challenges me physically while working my body into shape. These adventurous hikes fulfill me as they let me reconnect with myself in the midst of the calming sounds and smells of nature.

I have been hiking with my friends over the weekends and capturing the beautiful scenery around me. I love to explore new hiking trails while enjoying the breathtaking views. I will not call myself an avid hiker or a proclaimed photographer yet, but who knows I might get there one day :)

- In order to keep you Balance you must keep moving - Albert Einstein

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Friday Feature | Newborn Photographer | Meet Laurel Zwemmer

At K2CBlooms I have the privilege of working with many newborn photographers. Some of these photographers work exclusively on newborn & maternity photography, and others also do families & weddings. 
Laurel is one of these multi-talented photographers who fits the latter. She is based in beautiful Northern California, and the locations she uses for her family & wedding sessions are breathtaking. Additionally, her versatility is impressive and I have seen her grow so much as a photographer in the past few years. She does a wonderful job at it all around.

I met Laurel a few years ago when she ordered some photography props from my shop. She purchased a blue cable bonnet and one of her in-use image with that bonnet is easily one of my favorites. Baby in my Bear Bonnet in potato sack pose is another one on my favorites list. And when I say that she excels at it all, I really mean it
Be the judge for it yourself :) 

So here's Laurel! 
Please visit her website to see more of her beautiful work.
(Her Interview is posted after the images)

Tell me a little bit about you, your work & style.
I’ve been in business for 6 years but I have been in love with photography since High School. I started in the dark room where I became a lover of black and whites. After college I picked up a new camera my hubby had bought for himself and the rest is history. I think what I love most about photography is documenting connection and true emotion between people.

How long have you been in the business?

I fell in love with newborn photography just two years ago. I love everything about it, from the sweet innocence of the babies to the creativity. I love showing up an hour before my session to setup and plan what props and colors I will use. I love trying to make every session different and it helps that I have a prop addiction.

What is your favorite age to photograph and what is your favorite pose?

My favorite newborn pose would be the froggy. It has taken me a while to try and perfect it but what I love best about it is that every baby looks different in it. They all are comfortable with their hands and legs in different positions.

Where can we find you?
Website: Laurel Z Photography
Facebook: Laurel Z. Photography
Instagram: Laurelzphotography

-- Kalpna