Friday Feature | Newborn Photographer | Meet Lindsay Walden

I opened K2CBlooms 2 years ago because I like to knit and love babies. You love your job if you get to do your favorite things at work, right? Well, there is also another thing that I have found on the way: I get to work with talented photographers who have become my life-long friends. So, I thought of doing a Friday Blog Feature where I introduce them and some of their work.

I met Lindsay last year at the Belly Baby & Beyond conference here in Los Angeles. I was one of the vendors and she had come in and bought a few props from me. As this was my first photo conference and she was my first sale, I was a bit nervous but sure enough she was super sweet! She made me feel so comfortable and kept commenting on how beautiful my work was. It was not until after the conference that I really got to see her work when she started sending me pictures of my props in use.

I love her work and style and especially her use of color.  But of course two of my favorite pics of hers are with my props in use :) One is with my Bunny Bonnet which are a very popular prop this time of the year, and the other is with my Furr Bonnet which she captured so beautifully.

So, here's Lindsay!! And please visit her website to see more of her beautiful work.

Tell me a little bit about you, your work & style.
Hi! I am Lindsay Walden of Lindsay Walden Photography. I am a fine art newborn and maternity photographer based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. My focus as a photographer is capturing beautiful and unique art for each of my clients and providing them with finished artwork that they will treasure for generations. Our goal is to create breathtaking images that our clients will cherish. I am a mother of three adorable children and married to a golf professional husband who I adore more than anything. 

How long have you been in the business?
My photography journey began about nine years ago, though I was heavily influenced growing up by a mother who was a hobbyist and ran a portrait studio out of our home. Our walls were covered with photographs and I still love visiting my childhood home and walking through hallways filled with photographic memories. I learned to appreciate the value in preserving these memories for future generations as I now walk those halls with my own children and share with them the stories that are important to our family.

What is your favorite age to photograph and what is your favorite pose?
Newborns are by far my favorite subject to photograph. They can be the most challenging but also the most rewarding. I love prop poses where I can create a one of a kind set-up for each individual client. I take inspiration from my clients, their likes and interests, and incorporate these into each session. Because of this every session is completely unique and the images are deeply meaningful to my clients.

Would you like to share some of your achievements with us?
Lindsay Walden Photography is an award winning and internationally published fine art newborn photography studio. Our work has been featured around the world and we have received numerous photographic awards and achievements.

Women Empowering Women | Project Patch Shop

Last summer, I ordered beautiful hand embroidered hoops sold by an organization called Pins and Needles in India. This organization works with underprivileged women and helps them become self sufficient through the art of hand embroidery and sewing. This group of women were taught these skills in order to be able to make and sell hand embroidered hoops and cloth bags.

My daughter had just graduated high school and was enjoying her last summer at home before moving on to Berkeley, where she would be going to school for the next 4 years. Her last project, Rescue A Book, had finished when she graduated, and she was looking for a new social entrepreneurial project to continue on with. 

After seeing the hoops I ordered, she immediately wanted to get involved. I was so excited to see what she came up with, as she did wonders with her last project. The result was a social enterprise called Project Patch Shop

The goal of the project is to sell hand embroidered patches that she creates using hand embroidered material bought from these impoverished women in India. These patches can be ironed on any fabric to adorn them, or just make a fashion statement. 

I have always being a big advocate of women helping women, and when one of these women is your own daughter the feeling is INCREDIBLE!! 

So please check her shop out, give her a follow on social media, and make a purchase if you like. When you buy a patch from her shop, you are empowering a girl who is trying to make a difference in this world by helping underprivileged women in India <3

A Proud Mama!!